i’m a mentally ill teenage trans guy and i would like to start making some money in order to begin my transition and to gain independence from my family. the money id make would go towards supporting myself in ways that my parents refuse to, such as buying binders, more masculine clothing, etc.

if i got even one commission, i’d be proving my folks wrong and working towards getting more comfortable in my own skin.

so, here’s the deal.

  • i will only draw animals and furries. your favorite character? gotcha. your oc? yep. as long as you can give me a ref, i can draw it.
  • i will draw pda (kissing, cuddling, holding hands, w/e) and mild gore.
  • i will NOT draw nsfw.
  • it will be +$1 for every extra character.
  • it will be +$1 for backgrounds.
  • all payment will be done through paypal. if you wish to commission me but dont have a paypal, tell me and we can work something out.

PLEASE send me an ask before you commission me. i will give you all of the information you need then!

whether you commission me or not, it’d be greatly appreciated if you reblogged this post to spread the word regardless! thank you!

full examples used: sketches ( x , x ) pixel busts ( x , x ) digital painting ( x , x )



 ▪”Waiting our first&last eternal summer-RinHaru”
 ▪Created by CxAThePromiasedLand
 ▪Request by: Bluefort347♥
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Based on Free! official artbook.
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These are 6 banners,you can use it for your facebook,youtube,twitter,tumblr etc.. pages with ANY PROBLEMES ;) You’ll free…if you like it can use it :D

I really love my 2 man!! <3 they are perfect for each others…they are a perfect combination!
Thank you sweet Ann for this request ;) i’ll hope you’ll like it!
I’m a editor and made these type of things makes me really happy :D (of course when i have time for do it xD)
Hugs to all my supporter!!!✌
Luv you!